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Ubuntu Capital is a proud partner of
Smart Money

Who is Smart Money?

Smart Money is a company that is here to help you make Smart Money Choices through education, backed up with innovative tools and resources.

You have worked too hard to have nothing left to show for it at the end of each month. Smart Money is here to help you put a Financial Action Plan in place that will allow you to achieve Financial Freedom!

Get access to over 200 articles, a online budget planner, a wide range of online courses, debt reducing resources and so so much more!

Introducing Smart Money’s unique 8 Step Approach

Understanding how these steps work and implementing them in your personal life will start you on the road to making Smart Money choices.


Smart Money Employee Programme

The Smart Money Employee Programme combines the online Academy with face-to-face support to give employees the best experience.

Programme members get access to a whole range of courses while also getting early access to all our Smart Money financial short courses.

Signing up as an individual

Become a member today and get immediate access to incredible tools that can help you get personally and financially organised such as a online Budget Planner and Debt Snowball template.

Sign up today, take the online assessment and get your own customised financial safety report!