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With our Online Capture Form you don’t have to spend hours to call centres figuring out which plan suites you and your family best – complete our form in your own time and get a comprehensive proposal ASAP!
  • Choose from six different medical plans.
  • Momentum have had the lowest average premium increases over the past 10 years.
  • Avoid worrying about unexpected medical shortfalls, co-payments with gap cover – which is integrated with the medical aid (no separate claim required) 
  • Emergency evacuation and international cover included in the HealthPlatform benefits.
  • Structure your medical aid options to suit your personal circumstances and don’t pay for unnecessary benefits. 
With Momentum’s free Multiply Inspire rewards programme you can get up to R9,000 per adult per year paid into your HealthSaver. That means you get more medical savings without it costing you any more! Double your rewards by subscribing to Multiply Inspire Plus for a nominal subscription. All this while also getting access to a wide range of partner cashbacks and discounts.
With Momentum’s HealthSaver you can decide how much you save each month for your day-to-day medical expenses. You are able to increase, decrease, suspend or even stop these savings as you require. 
Gap Cover

Get Gap Cover to help you avoid unexpected shortfalls for in-hospital expenses, not covered by your medical plan option from just R219 per month.


With Momentum’s unique Health care offering there is a plan for everyone right from low income earners right to the high end earners. Customise your health plan to suit your needs and your budget.


Momentum Medical Aid can assist you with a comprehensive range of 6 different medical aid options.

get a personalised Medical Aid Proposal!
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