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Our commitment at Ubuntu Capital is to ensure that your career as a financial planner is a success.

While virtually every person needs our services, we strive to provide our clients with access to the most professional Financial Planners in the industry. To be able to achieve this we need to be totally invested in our employees and provide them with the environment that will allow them to succeed.

Financial planning is a high responsible and important function that has a fundamental impact on people’s lives and therefore our Financial Planners need to have the knowledge, skill and understanding to provide the necessary advice and service.

The Smart Money Difference

As the founding partner of Smart Money, all Ubuntu Capital financial planners get a Professional Service Providers (PSP) membership for Smart Money.

Smart Money is part of a game changing platform, Smart Wellness Zone, that helps individuals get personally and financially organised. This innovative and exciting project aims to change the lives of South Africans by helping them better manage their money.

Smart Money sells no products so when a client requests financial services or products Smart Money will pass that service request to a PSP.

As a PSP you have the ability to build your own Smart Money prospect base through individual registrations and referring companies. If anyone in your prospect database requests service you are contacted to fulfil.

It’s that simple! Smart Money does the hard work in educating your prospects why they need your services and all you need to do is fulfil their requests!

Smart Money

Ubuntu Capital is a Momentum Franchise

Ubuntu Capital is very proud to be a part of the Momentum family as this means that you are:

  • Associated with a market leading and respected brand
  • Able to offer a comprehensive range of products from investments, healthcare, short-term, risk to fiduciary
  • Able to offer your clients the game-changing Multiply rewards programme

As a franchise operation our success is wholly dependent on the success of our financial planners.

This ensures that we are constantly focussed on implementing initiatives and other interventions that maximise the opportunities of our financial planners.

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In keeping with our name, Ubuntu, we provide an environment where we all strive to help and assist each other and ultimately create a workspace which you want to be a part of.

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